40 30 30 Healthy Kitchen

Patricia Urquiola designs the interior of the new 403030 bistrot in Milan, the first dedicated to the Zone Diet in Italy. Urquiola interprets the brief by designing a space that is both cozy and functional: essentials and rigorous materials, sober colors, but coupled with contemporary language, in line with the Zone Diet philosophy. Many references to the city of Milan: the ‘terracotta’ and the granite for walls and floors, and still wood, textile fibers and marble to enrich the place. The color palette has natural colors that are enriched with bronze and green touches to illuminate the spaces. The bistro is divided into three areas that offer three different ways to consume food. The first zone is characterized by a large counter, made in marble and black ‘terrazzo’, the focal point of the entire place. Another part of the room is designed for customers who want to have their own meal. On the lower floor, customers can consume the chef’s choices by choosing their favorite seating option. A large table with direct view on the kitchen is thought of as a social table.