BMW Welt: Progressive Luxury meets Creative Excellence

In occasion of the launch of the new 7 Series, the BMW X7 and the 8 Series line-up, Patricia Urquiola and Senior Vice President BMW Group Design Adrian van Hooydonk wanted to create an intriguing and surprising installation space. 

The design conversation with the space of BMW Welt began from the advertising campaign of the BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe: photographed against the blue/green shimmer of a frozen lake, it recalls the incredibly mystic hues of the Northern Lights. The whole installation plays with this concept of light changing and adapting to various materials and textures according to a physical interaction. The floor production consisted of a dark green terrazzo infill created with cutting-edge 3D-technology, combining with organic lines with 3D-printed elements, resulting in a single surface that appears to be liquid. 

The concept of soft and liquid materials is reoccurring and representative of Patricia Urquiola’s work and she extended this concept to vertical elements of the exhibition space as well. Urquiola created an undulating metal mesh that, acting as a rigid curtain to the large floor-to-ceiling windows of the space, reflect the same shades of green and blue from the metallic paint on the cars. 

Featured in the lounge area of the exhibition is the Floe Insel Sofa for Cassina, also inspired by Nordic ice fragments, the Gender Armchair also for Cassina, the Marea Tables for Budri in marble and a custom carpet.