Budri Showroom

The new Budri Showroom is located in the heart of Milan, a tangible expression of the company’s constant evolution, of its focus on a future of growth, research and experimentation, where beauty informs every business choice. The new display space is not simply a showroom, but is intended as a dynamic meeting place for architects, designers and connoisseurs of design, where creative ideas take shape: elegant solutions, chromatic and material juxtapositions suited to all types of Contract, Residential and Retail projects. The aim of the project was to create a space with the capacity to highlight the beauty and preciousness of Budri surfaces and furnishing accessories, where contemporary collections and more classic proposals can be displayed together in harmony. With this in mind, the entrance has been conceived as the stage of a theater, with two elegant velvet drapes simulating the stage curtains, drawn back to reveal a  marble and onyx set  that highlights the furnishings on stage. Eclectic and refined, production ranges from classic to contemporary styles and includes surfaces, furnishing accessories and the Budri Eyewear collection.