Cassina Showroom

The space is inspired by the etymology of the word design, in Latin: de+signare, to distinguish with a sign, to give a meaning, to designate an object in relation with other things, owners and users. Based on this idea, a colorful narration valorized the objects as they are presented in an ironic artis vulgaris gallery, transformed through time into a mechanics arts, till the present of artifacts in continuous evolution. The eyes of the interlocutor looking at these fluid mutations become protagonists.

The dialogue between the central space and the surrounding rooms narrates a domestic landscape in progress, in which the future renews its origins along a principle of continuity.

For the Fuorisalone 2016, the Cassina Showroom Milano transformed in to an art gallery with pure and neutral installations. Backlit panels feature pastel shades in inspirational colours giving the impression of movement. The futuristic print is the backdrop for the showroom’s window displays. On one side the Beam Sofa System, the new sectional sofa which develops along a beam by Patricia Urquiola, on the other side Props, a series of abstract architectural accessories in metal by Konstantin Grcic.