Elle Decor Grand Hotel – Stanzas

Elle Decor Grand Hotel is a project-installation born out of an idea by Elle Decor Italia, set up in the rooms of Palazzo Morando in Milan. The project offers visitors a personal experience, thanks to rooms especially for socialising, reading, wellness and hospitality, leaving them free to explore bedrooms, lounges and gardens.

Patricia Urquiola designed the more private rooms, Stanzas. “I thought of the Grand Hotel bedroom, avoiding an interpretation in serial, repetitive ‘sample room’ style, preferring to imagine a series of rooms as the separate moments in a story. This led to the ambiguity of the title: ‘Stanzas’, which sounds like a Spanish word but instead refers to the various verses in ‘Stanzas in Meditation’ (1929), a collection of poems by Gertrude Stein. They came back to me as the idea for this project was taking shape. The furnishings are therefore a series of fragments, interpreting the many ways of personally experiencing the interiors of a room in a Grand Hotel: a room for one, for two and for three, four, five or more…”