Eneko Bilbao

Patricia Urquiola realizes the interiors of the new restaurant of chef Eneko in Bilbao, designing a welcoming and functional space. Not just a restaurant but a place of conviviality and sharing.

Essential and geometric shapes, rigorous materials, warm colors that underline the materiality of the chosen furnishings and finishes, combined with a contemporary language. Strong references to the Basque city are also present: wooden, ceiling and raised sections, to remember the weaves of the “Caserio”, the typical local architecture; lamps inspired by the naval world, in particular the lanterns used for night fishing; in the end, scores of ropes to recall the local artisan tradition. Wood, rope, local stones and ceramics recall the typical Basque rigor and texture.

Patricia Urquiola designs for Eneko Bilbao, in collaboration with Cassina, a chair with a playful and dynamic volume, which reinterprets in a contemporary key forms and languages ​​of the design tradition.