For the new design of the restaurant Igniv, situated at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Patricia Urquiola was inspired by its name; meaning “nest” in the Rhaetho-Romanic language. Urquiola wanted to recreate the typical conviviality of a nest, in accordance with the kitchen philosophy of sharing by the restaurant’s chef Andreas Caminada. The architecture of the old monastery where the restaurant rises up emphasizes this atmosphere; it can host around 30 persons and its low ceiling gives the space more coziness also thanks to the fireplace, the focal point of the entire room.
Patricia Urquiola wanted to underline the concept of nest with the mix and match of the materials and also of contemporary and more classic elements. She mixed the wood with rich materials, like marble and onyx and she used the parquet as a boiserie on the walls. Urquiola gave new life to the classic elements using them in innovative ways.
The color palette has warm tones with the predominance of bordeaux, burgundy, brown and robin’s-egg blue studied to enhance the ambiance’s coziness, intimacy and the comfortable mood of the restaurant.
Patricia Urquiola designed a counter, where Andreas Caminada will place some delicacies to elevate and conclude the gourmet “experience” of conviviality and the sharing of the space and the food.