Kettal Stand Salone del Mobile

Patricia Urquiola designs the Kettal Stand for the Salone del Mobile 2019.
The main scope of the stand was to exhibit and to tell the story of the Richard Neutra Pavilion. The exhibited pavilion was a (commercialized) copy of the Penthouse Pavilion of the VDL house.The design of the stand needed to give an appropriate context to this piece of architectural history. The challenge was finding the right balance of a restrained ambiance to enhance the pavilion and creating an own architectural language for the stand. The façade is developed as a semitransparent element to protect interior activities but still allows glances form outside, realized as a scaled brick wall as a regular step joint assembly.

The color and material palette was kept in white and light grey tones. The main products were placed in the center of the stand and were accentuated with a light performance that changed smoothly, emulating the various daylight moods. The distribution of the stand was circulating around the Neutra pavilion.