Marienturm- Marieninsel

Marienturm and Marienforum towers rise up in the financial district near Taunusanlage Park, a very strategic and unique position in green surroundings that caters to international users’ needs. Just like an emphasis on comfort, aesthetics and variety in the work place, the relationship between work and nature is an important theme of the entire project. To represent this fusion of life and work, the entrance and lobby are decorated with an unexpected combination of materials, some of which are usually reserved for external use, and others with a more domestic quality, creating an overall sense of luxury. Rough elements mix with elegant ones, giving the space a modern feel, thanks to the geometric patterns and unusual textures that are used for the internal and external flooring and designed exclusively by Patricia Urquiola to maintain the connection between indoors and outdoors. A holistic design and usage concept will provide maximum comfort to future
office users in both buildings. In line with the “Cultivating Work” approach, the designs take in the public areas, thus expanding the work space. The focus is on users’ needs and their high
standards for their working environment in terms of comfort, aesthetics, and variety.
Select materials in combination with light, color, and structures give rise to atmosphere and elegance. In future, the building ensemble will boast quality and identity.