Marienturm and Marienforum

Marienturm and Marienforum are the new business towers in the financial district of Frankfurt. The interior design for both buildings has been created by Patricia Urquiola. The complex’s adjacent location to Taunusanlage Park evokes a reunion of these two different ambiences inside of the buildings thus making the relationship between Work and Nature an important theme of the entire project.

A 17-meter-high lobby with an installation suspended from the ceiling, called ‘the Clouds’, welcomes the visitors at Marienturm.  “Here the lobby is treated as a transit zone between the working environment and nature. Mixing materials such as natural wood, stone, marble, metals and combining unique patterns and textures, reflects the merging of these two environments. The wooden wall at the entrance is a strong focus point for people from the street and from inside the building. It’s composed by ash wood timber blocks sticking out from the wall alignment and they are studied in modules which are deconstructed and recomposed in an enjoyable play of pixels”, says Patricia Urquiola.

The food-counter concept used at the restaurant on the first floor is also reflected in the interior architecture. “The concept for this space is to represent the culinary diversity represented in the interior design, creating three thematic areas in different colour moods. The space is conceived as an inspiring environment to feel comfortable as at home, for a pause, to work while eating, to eat and to share time with others. This concept is reflected also in the materials and warm colours used. The three-dimensional terracotta bricks create more intimate areas in the main space, re-interpreting the idea of the traditional material with a warm touch,” Urquiola explains.