Moroso stand

The aesthetic of the Moroso project centres around the concept of the Japanese tokonoma, which is a tearoom alcove for the display of precious and ornamental objects, a raised area with no decorative elements. The prime intention is to maintain the viewer’s attention while conveying a feeling of total harmony. Therefore the floor-plan is split into display areas and transit spaces. A geometrically regular division of the space which includes the tokonomas, which are delimited by raised platforms and protected by panels of sheer, coloured fabric as if they, too, were objects placed there to transmit understanding of a particular moment. Special attention has therefore been given to the choice of the fabric and its colour so that the interplay of transparency and colour shades gives the viewer the impression that each display space is connected to the next one, yet, in spite of this, that each dedicated space is seen as a frame for the desired image. Furthermore, the overlapping panels create an illusion of great depth and spaciousness, thus enabling the display’s informality and an absolute, free prospective vision approach.