Swarovski Crystal Studio

Revolving around the idea of the Crystal Studio, conceived as a dynamic and creative space, Swarovski’s latest retail offering, designed by Studio Urquiola, elevates the in-store experience by offering a memorable, highly interactive and socially focused environment. 

The Crystal Studio concept places the customer and their unique needs at the heart of the experience, encouraging trial, creativity and spontaneity. Interactive digital touch points throughout the store aim to enhance the purchase process but also create an inviting space in which customers can immerse themselves into the sparkling world of Swarovski. 
The new store concept aims to express the essence of the brand. Materials and colours play a crucial role in the design, with the choice of raw materials recalling a ‘studio’ atmosphere, promptly contrasted by a warm and enchanting color palette. On the grey porcelain tiled floor, wall units stand as modular displays defined by a metallic mesh with a refined rose gold tone, placing greater emphasis on showcasing the product. 

The heart of the shopping experience is at the Sparkle Bar, an immersive jewellery station where consumers can spend time discovering new products, curating looks with styling consultations from Swarovski’s in-store experts and exploring product ranges virtually. Shoppers are encouraged to touch and try on a range of products using the variable lighting settings at the Sparkle Bar mirrors and to explore the digital styling inspiration. The Sparkle Bar even offers a wireless phone charging area to use while shopping. 

The new concept is unveiled with the opening of the Milan store and will be followed by other openings in Paris, Shanghai and Beijing.