The Cassina Perspective

The Cassina Perspective is an installation curated by the company’s Art Director Patricia Urquiola during Milan Design Week 2019, in the Via Durini Showroom.
The store windows have been transformed with a blue perspective grid that envelops part of the showroom, both on the floor and partially on the walls.
A large screen, like a theatrical setting, closes the first part of the window area with a videos of the new products by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Rodolfo Dordoni, Mario Bellini and Patricia Urquiola. The Cassina Perspective brings a digital dimension in a physical reality, together with the products, in a ‘perspectives’ of concepts.
The grid continues and accompanies the visitor to the central area where a ‘diorama’ has been created, that is a scenography that develops in a circular space that corresponds with the sculptural staircase and dome.Depending on one’s position, from the living room to the dining room, the visitors’ perspective constantly changes.

This year in via Durini we wanted to develop the space through a perspective grid, in an almost conceptual way. This grid houses the window area and expands towards a digital background. Going beyond this main area of the showroom we come across a circular exhibit space connected to the dome above and inspired by a diorama. We like this idea of rotating space that is open to further narratives that live in the radial areas. The Cassina Perspective is a play on perspectives, meetings and conversations between products, a shared space between heritage and innovation which embraces Cassina’s energy.
Patricia Urquiola, Art Director Cassina