Hayama Cabinet

In the design of the Hayama Cabinet the Japanese influence is immediately evident.
Like a Haori, the traditional Japanese jacket worn with a kimono, Hayama is characterized by the same formal cut which plays on volume and subtraction. The legs, oblique in relation to the main structure, are the distinctive element of this simple and elegant sideboard. Apparently minimal, its solid form is accentuated by thinned edges that lighten its appearance. Hayama has two doors and transparent glass shelves inside. The cabinet is available in one size, either in matt grey wood with a briar-root effect or polished lacquer in a wide choice of colors. The piece is a re-reading of the work of the architect Kazuhide Takahama who industrialized the antique lacquering tradition, expressing the clear desire to go beyond rationalism through the research of relations with the past.

For this product I wanted to go on a journey, simplifying while playing on strong geometrics, to dialogue with Kazuhide Takahama‚Äôs Japanese style for his Bramante and Antella furniture.”
– Patricia Urquiola