Lilo extension

The Lilo family welcomes its new members, that preserve the references to the Scandinavian style, the modernist idea of the 50’s and the works of the masters of design, adapting them to the new pieces: a chaise longue and two armchairs. A bold aesthetic, transformed by a robust wooden frame that supports the upholstery weight, positioned ergonomically so that it provides the ideal support to each area of the body. The chaise longue, supported by a tubular wooden frame, was conceived with a single armrest to ease the seating.
The two new Lilo armchairs differ from the previous version in the top half. In one, the headrest’s size is reduced, without forfeiting comfort, making more suitable to different environments; the other wingchair version is enriched with a headrest whose generous proportions and upholstered sides embrace whoever lays down, providing maximum comfort and intimacy.