For the Nuances carpets for Gan, felt was the starting point: the intention was to work with this natural material, warm and malleable, but also to reinvent it, change the traditional manufacturing parameters and find a technique that would allow for the recycling of discarded fibers. The use of recycled pieces of felt led to the merging of different colors and densities of the material, resulting in a new stone-like appearance.

The collection consists of three rugs with different patterns (Curve, Line and Round) and a pouf, which can be combined among themselves, allowing for infinite combinations of very architectural geometries. It is declined in three color sequences which, starting from stone gray, develop  into three natural color palettes: rose and burgundy (Burgundy), green and blue (Naiad) and earth and lava (Volcano).

Nuances flow just like its name indicates: the lines open and close, colors blur and focus on a visual and tactile game that turns the collection into an intentionally sensorial and artistic experience.
Each piece of Nuances is entirely sewn by hand.