Wasting Time Daybed

“I’m the Wasting Time Daybed.
My ancestors were sneakers
and I’m genderless.
I speak my own language,
no rules or constraints.
I’m entirely made of upcycled plastic.
you can easily take me apart;
my body joints are removable,
and renewable.
At first sight perhaps,
I’m difficult to be liked.
but I dare you.”

For the Milan Design week 2019, for the GuiltlessPlastic Project and the Ro Plastic Master’s Pieces Exhibition curated by Rossana Orlandi, Patricia Urquiola, in collaboration with Moroso and MiniWiz, presented Wasting Time Daybed, an ironic and playful take on a modern daybed that recalls the soul of a sneaker, entirely composed of recycled PET.

A conversation about the evolution that we are living in, the complex schemes that we inhabit are changing and non-renewable materials have to be continuously re-invented and upcycled, until we reach a fully sustainable system.